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Product Liability Lawyer
Florida, New York & Washington, D.C.

Defective or dangerous products injure a lot of people every year. Such products may even cause death. A products liability lawyer can help victims file a strong lawsuit to get the compensation they deserve. Such lawsuits can be hard to win. You need to provide proof that the defective product caused your injuries. Companies usually defend themselves against these lawsuits to protect their brand’s reputation. You can expect them and their insurance company to fight your lawsuit with legal ploys and delay tactics, hoping that you’ll drop your case in time. Hiring a products liability lawyer can help you in various ways. Here are the benefits of working with a product liability attorney.


Hold the Company Responsible for its Offense

Companies that sell products have a moral and legal obligation to make sure that their goods are safe to use. When they sell defective products, consumers can sustain injuries or get killed. Filing a lawsuit for product liability is one way of holding the company responsible for its negligence.

A lot of companies that manufacture hazardous products do so to reduce costs on materials, research, proper documentation and testing to increase their profits. These companies can cause injuries to many people and filing a product liability lawsuit with a reliable lawyer can punish the company and ensure that they are held responsible for their wrongdoing.

Get Compensation

A defective product could lead to injuries or worse, death. It could make you suffer physically and financially. You may deal with high medical costs for treatment, rehabilitation, medical equipment, prescription drugs and doctors. There is also the possibility of being permanently or temporarily disabled.

A products liability lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to punish the company and make them pay for your medical expenses and compensate you for your lost income. Aside from this, they can get you compensation for the suffering and pain caused by your injuries. The money will help you get the best treatment and care for your full recovery.

Prevent More Accidents

By filing a lawsuit for product liability, you are also doing your part in protecting other people. You won’t only help yourself, but you can also help the public stay safe and avoid defective products. Lawsuits call attention to defective products, leading to a company recall to pull it out from the market so other people won’t experience the same thing. It motivates the negligent company to improve safety standards and also serves as a warning for other companies to do their part in producing safe products.

Product liability cases can be complicated. The company will have their own team of lawyers who will disburse the lowest amount of money to reach an out-of-court settlement and prevent your lawsuit from going before a panel of judges. By hiring a products liability lawyer, you can protect yourself from such companies and get a fair and proper compensation that will cover your medical bills and more. You can also protect the general public and prevent them from suffering the same fate as you.